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Trinity Freeway Academy

High School Diploma

Trinity Freeway Academy is located in Gary, Indiana. This is a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA program accredited by the State of Indiana . It is NOT a GED. It is recognized and valid throughout the world. Student may attend classes at 839 Broadway, Suite 104, Gary, Indiana, 46402.

The State of Indiana requires that all students complete a curriculum of 40 core units. Upon registration you will be able to access and worksheets that cover these core units within Trinity Freeway Academy. We also offer an online program for applicants who wish 100% remote access with certified teachers within the state of Indiana.

Our purpose is to have you learn and retain the required knowledge. Of course, you will have to pass an exam, but the answers to the required exam are included in the instructional materials that will be sent to you. The online labs, interactive activities, CDs, and other instructional materials will guarantee that you pass the exam successfully. We will help you successfully complete the exam by providing high quality AP and IB standard resourses and tutorials.

This diploma is important to you because it will help you in:

  • Getting a job
  • Advancing in your job
  • Being accepted in colleges that have an open enrollment policy
  • Passing the army's educational requirements and
  • Succeeding in life.

This diploma is recognized and valid throughout the world.

How the school works:

  • You register for the school
  • We then send you the link to access the course material worksheets, and study guides for the online assessments.
  • All students are required to take a diagnostic entrance exam. Fees are based upon level accessed. This is a diploma that will assure your acceptance into a higher institution. (the standards are based on IB and AP instructional strategies according to the state of Indiana.)
  • Preparatory Classes to Assure that You Pass the ISTEP+ (IN residents) are prescriptive to your needs.
  • We require a copy of your prior prep-school training.
  • You also will receive the link via our Quia.com sponosored school for the course work, labs, exams and the final exams that you will need to complete / validate mastering the required content.
  • If necessary, after we receive the completed exams, we will provide you with any additional coaching that you may need to help you successfully complete your goals. This is provided at no additional cost per course/semester.
  • After you have successfully completed the exams and course work, a diploma and transcripts will be sent to you by certified mail.
  • YOUR GRADUATION IS ASSURED because our tutors will help you as much as you need them, plus they are certified instructors in the state of Indiana.


To Teachers and Students:

As you explore the possibility of post-secondary education after receiving a High School Diploma, let it be known that it is definitely obtainable with a high school diploma from Trinity Academies. However, no high school diploma earned locally or abroad can guarantee automatic entrance into a U.S. four year college/university. Each post-secondary school has its own admissions process, including, but not limited to:

  • Grades in college prep courses
  • Application Essay
  • Ability to pay
  • High School Transcript
  • Admission test (SAT,ACT)
  • College/University Interview
  • Ethnicity/Race
  • Overall grade point average
  • Recommendation from teacher / counselor
  • Place of residence
  • Student's demonstrated interest

Although some post-secondary schools offer open enrollment to anyone possessing a GED or high school diploma, many other schools have more stringent admissions requirements. Possession of a high school diploma is more desireable than a GED, yet the field of competition for admissions to a college/university is leveled by the scores achieved from students taking standardized admissions tests.

Post-Secondary Schools want to know about the student prior to admission. What are the student's strengths? How does the student respond to a challenge? How well does the student write? How well does the student interact with peers? Does the student participate in class? Colleges want to know how a student approached academia, and those who are in the best position to offer that perspective and prognosis about a student are teachers. That is why most colleges require teacher recommendations. These recommendations do influence admissions decisions. Through these letters, colleges learn about the student's personality, attitude, character, level of maturity, and special interests. Ultimately, it is the student's responsibility, if admitted to their institution, to leave an impression upon the admission board of the student's future academic success.

Trinity Academies is working diligently to establish partnerships with schools with Open Enrollment policies for our graduates. The continued success of graduates is important and those students desiring post-secondary education must be given the opportunity to achieve their personal goals. Students with visions of a brighter future are able to succeed when given the opportunity to take small obtainable steps in the right direction. Two-year junior colleges, career centers and community colleges are excellent institutions for admission with transferable credits in comparison to the more stringent four-year colleges. We are willing to work with you to find higher learning institutions. We can also provide letters of recommendation for your students after successful completion of the high school program, in addition to an official high school transcript and tips for successful admission to colleges/universities. The options are endless for the high school student, but post-secondary education is definately obtainable with a High School Diploma from Trinity Academies. We are excited about the opportunity to establish a partnership with you to accomplish your students' academic goals. If you have additional questions please forward them to me via email at your ealiest convenience.

You will:

  • Receive all the materials needed to guarantee the passing of the exit exam. The exit exam includes material that cover the Core 40 requirements from the State of Indiana. These materials include online tutorials, site classroom labs and worksheets.
  • On successful completion of the exit exam, you will receive by certified mail an offical high school diploma and transcript from Trinity Freeway Academy, located in Gary, Indiana. These include the official seal from Trinity Freeway Academy.


Academics: All Course are CORE 40 prep courses


Language Arts ISTEP Prep

Algebra I

Math ISTEP+ Prep

Social Studies
US History
US Government
World History & Civilization
Economics / Consumer Awareness
Life Skills
Integrated Chemestry & Physics

Directed Electives - Career Areas:
Employability Skills Entry-Level Words
Keeping a Job Skills Computer Applications / Technology

Electives - Life Skills:
Consumer Awareness Social Interactions
Sewing I & II Art & Crafts Appreciation
Critical Thinking Life Challenges

Physical Education :
Physical Education Tap I & II
Healthy / Safety Jazz I & II

Qualifing U.S. Residents with prior high school experience: Cost starting at $150.00 per Course


Trinity Faith-Based University, Administrative Office

839 Broadway, Suite 104, Gary, Indiana 46402
Phone: 1-877-882-4010 Fax (219) 882-0210
Email:  tomco@culcom.net



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